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HD Insurance applies ESG in business activities

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Embracing ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles is not a passing trend but a crucial element of HD Insurance’s business strategy. By integrating ESG into our operations, we not only meet legal requirements but also foster long-term, sustainable value and credibility among investors and the community.


HDI ứng dụng ESG


Sustainable development, encompassing Environmental, Social, and Governance factors, is becoming an essential and irreversible trend. ESG is more than just a concept; it represents a commitment to addressing global challenges such as climate change, social rights protection, and transparent, effective corporate governance.


At COP26, Vietnam pledged to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, prompting domestic businesses to develop their own ESG strategies. This significant breakthrough paves the way for practical actions to protect the environment and promote sustainable development.


Recognizing the profound impact of climate change, HD Insurance has pioneered the digitization of all processes and products, moving towards a paperless system. Digital insurance products, along with QR code insurance certificates, not only reduce paper usage but also optimize information storage and other costs. Customers can now easily manage insurance services through convenient and fast applications and websites.


At the same time, HD Insurance has introduced numerous health insurance products suitable for all ages and classes, aiming to reduce the burden of medical expenses and achieve the goal of having 95% of the population covered by health insurance by 2025. The company not only focuses on business products but also emphasizes sustainable community development through scholarship programs for underprivileged children and activities supporting COVID-19 prevention efforts.


HD Insurance complies with company regulations and the law, ensuring transparent and efficient operations. Clear responsibility assignments help the company operate effectively, creating conditions for the professional development of each employee. The combination of compliance, transparency, and clear responsibility assignments helps HD Insurance build a solid governance foundation, significantly contributing to sustainable development and creating long-term value for all stakeholders.

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